Adopt a Beach

This community science campaign addresses the immediate threat of marine debris from Maui beaches and ocean while collecting vital data to support debris-mitigation measures.

Marine Debris Monitoring Program

Maui visitors and residents commit to a one-time beach cleanup and report the types of debris collected for inclusion in our marine debris database.
Photo credit: David Fleetham

Marine Animal Safety

In collaboration with key organizations, stakeholders and research partners, PWF helped establish a set of recommendations to keep both whales and watchers safe.

RETHINK Single-Use Plastics

This important campaign champions alternatives to everyday single-use plastics, which represent one of the greatest debris dangers to marine mammals.

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Making Waves: Policies to Protect the Ocean

This five-part series examines major threats to whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife, what’s being done and what can be done at individual, community and global levels.

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The Last Straw

Due to the pervasive threat of marine plastic debris, we encourage the public to reduce single-use plastic consumption through a variety of sustainable lifestyle tips.

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advocacy efforts

We are actively engaged in advocacy work to promote public awareness, inspire action and influence legislation to advance our mission. Past successes include:


Captive cetacean ban

PWF was a vital contributor to the 2002 Maui County county-wide ban on the display of captive cetaceans.


Plastic ban bag

We provided science-based testimony in support of a plastic-bag ban in Maui County, resulting in the 2011 law prohibiting retailers from providing plastic bags to customers.


Superferry cessation

We played an active role in stopping operation of a high-speed, inter-island Hawaii Superferry in a critical humpback whale mating and calving area.