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Research Locations

Pacific Whale Foundation researchers work on applied research projects throughout the Pacific region that support conservation and management outcomes.


Our research data is used to influence public policy and mobilize community members in support of marine mammal conservation, specifically whales and dolphins.

What We Study

As impacts of the 5 Major Threats identified by our research are often poorly understood, we conduct rigorous studies that:


Identify cetaceans present in important marine ecoregions and assess population trends


Identify and quantify the extent of major threats endangering these populations


Guide science-based mitigation measures through enhanced management and/or policy


Continue population monitoring and individual health assessments for impacted species

NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321

PWF 2022 Research Report

Read a summary of our research activities in 2022, including a recap of recently published work and preliminary results from our latest projects.

Publications & References

Since 1980, PWF researchers have published over 100 peer-reviewed publications, reports and books influencing the advancement of our collective knowledge and management of whales and dolphins.

applied Research methods


(40+ years) population monitoring


(3-5 years) projects to measure the impact of specific stressors and identify management outcomes

Community science

(Ongoing) campaigns that enlist the public in our dedicated research efforts

research opportunities

NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321


If you reside in Hawai‘i; Hervey Bay, Australia; and/or Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, and are interested in volunteering with us, please email the research team to inquire about opportunities.

NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321

Grad students

Graduate students currently enrolled in a marine program interested in partnering with PWF researchers to analyze/collect data can contact us to discuss potential opportunities.

NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321


Love the ocean and its rich wildlife? Want to have a job in which you can make a difference? Visit our careers webpages for Hawaiʻi and Australia to explore available paid positions that may be of interest.