NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321
NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321


Our applied research projects advance global cetacean conservation and management.


Our student educational programs and activities inspire tomorrow’s ocean protectors.


Our public policy and advocacy work mobilizes community support for ocean protection.

5 major threats 澳洲幸运10开奖官网-开奖结果查询-开奖记录详解-澳洲幸运十官方开奖结果to marine animals

Our programs work to mitigate the 5 Major Threats to whales and dolphins identified through ongoing research.

Vessel collisions with marine animals

Vessel Collisions with Marine Animals

NMFS/MMHSRP Permit #18786-06 and NMFS/MMPA Permit #21321

Climate Change

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Your tax-deductible contribution helps fund ocean protection efforts across the Pacific. Mahalo for your support.

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